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Mic Carlson

Falling Awake: Mindfulness for Depression & Anxiety

an 8-week class

Years of research have shown Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to be an effective approach for addressing depression and anxiety. This 8-week class based on MBCT is intended for people who have had one or more episodes of depression or live with anxiety.  You can participate whether or not you are taking medicine or are currently in psychotherapy or have had therapy in the past. 


Each week you will learn new skills to help you change your relationship with anxiety and depression so they interfere less with how you want to BE in your life. Discover that you can live more fully and in the present moment even with these conditions. The benefits of the class correspond with the degree you can practice the skills at home between class sessions.

A day-long silent Saturday retreat is included as part of the 8-week class between weeks 7-8.



Introduction and Automatic Pilot

Living in Our Heads

Gathering the Scattered Mind

Recognizing Aversion

Allowing/Letting Be

Thoughts are not Facts

Kindness in Action

What Now?


Wednesdays, January 29 - March 25, 2020

(no class March 4)

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Day of Mindfulness (included in class)

Saturday, March 21





Lynn's office

202 E. Washington, Suite 201

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Registration required by January 22

For more information or to register:

734-332-3365 or

Click HERE for printable flyer


Day of Mindfulness

Join the current Falling Awake class for a day of guided mindfulness practice. Familiarity with mindfulnesss meditation is recommended. Contact Lynn to register.

Saturday, March 21



Sitting Together:
Mindfulness for Psychotherapists

Mindfulness is a common concept in the lexicon of numerous approaches to psychotherapy.  Many therapists, however, have no formal instruction in mindfulness meditation and/or do not have an on-going meditation practice. A clinician with an anchored understanding of mindfulness and a personal meditation practice offers enhanced therapeutic presence, equanimity, and whole-hearted attention - qualities needed for a successful therapeutic relationship regardless of treatment approach.  A sustained meditation practice also offers clinicians a direct, felt experience of the benefits of mindfulness meditation in heart, mind, and body.

Each week in this experiential class, there will be instruction and practices found in many mindfulness and compassion-based curriculums. Informed by the work of Paul Fulton, EdD, Janet Surry, PhD and Lynn’s professional experience and training, we will explore additional exercises and practices specifically designed for psychotherapists.  The class will also provide information on Buddhist psychology on which many of these secular practices are based. Meeting weekly in a group where safety and trust is co-created provides support and a learning environment where struggles and questions about the practices are welcome.


This class is appropriate for clinicians with little or no experience in mindfulness meditation, as well as those more experienced clinician meditators who welcome “beginners mind.” Consider taking the class solely for fostering personal well-being and dealing with stress. Meditating weekly with colleagues is designed to inspire creating a community of psychotherapists who meditate regularly together once the class ends.

Please check back for future offerings

Introduction to Mindfulness
(4-week class)

In our busy, technology-distracted, rushed lives, we are often checked out: bodies in one place, minds in another.  We may not be aware of the smile of a loved one or the friendly nod of a stranger passing us on the street. We don’t notice the butterfly that landed on the railing or the sun hitting our skin. We are often lost in memories about the past or imagined stories about the future. We are living on auto pilot.


Mindfulness practice invites us to pay attention to the present moment. The practice cultivates not only the ability notice and more easily accept our experience, it adds a dose of kindness toward ourselves. 


Like we go to the gym to train our bodies, this class offers basic practices to train the mind to come into the present moment.  These sessions are based on the first four classes of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression (MBCT) and The Mindful Way Workbook by Teasdale, Williams, and Segal.  There will be on-line resources for guided meditations for practice between classes.


Please check back for future offerings

Deepening Mindfulness:
An Experiential Exploration of Emotions, Compassion, and Forgiveness

This 6-week class will shine the light of our awareness on the heart’s capacity to identify, accept, and express emotions whether they are pleasant or unpleasant. From that foundation, we will explore compassion and forgiveness for self and others.


We will begin each class with mindfulness meditation. Devoting two weeks to each topic using guided practices, exercises, and inquiry, will help incline us toward these natural capacities of the heart. Familiarity with mindfulness practices highly recommended.

Please check back for future offerings

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