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 Professional Growth

We explore case conceptualization through various lenses:  mindfulness-based,  person-in-environment, trauma-informed,  and the personal history of therapist.  Single meeting, time-limited, or on-going consultation welcome.  I support and encourage use of use of video and audiotapes of therapy sessions.  It is my personal experience, as well as that of clinicians I have supervised and consulted with, that more direct views of clinical work result in significant benefits for learning and professional growth.


Mindfulness and Psychotherapy 

Group Consultation


The integration of mindfulness into psychotherapy offers a continuum of possibilities for mental health professionals. Psychotherapists can have a personal mindfulness practice that implicitly informs their clinical work. The clients of these clinicians may never know explicitly that their practitioner has a meditation practice. Additionally, there are those clinicians who explicitly teach mindfulness in formal classes or as on-going interventions during individual psychotherapy, making mindfulness a more explicit component of therapy.


In group consultation, two or more clinicians meet in small groups for time limited segments: 4, 6, or 8 weeks.  We will read articles and chapters from relevant material related to mindfulness and psychotherapy.


Development of a personal mindfulness practice and experiential exercises contribute to cultivating familiarity with mindfulness in psychotherapy. Mindfulness can be incorporated into any theoretical orientation including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, trauma-based, and couples/family treatment.  Learning and practicing with colleagues offers unique opportunities for support and sharing with greater acceptance, compassion, open-mindedness for ourselves and our clients.

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